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August 25, 2010

Tips for learning chess

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 4:30 pm

When it comes to playing chess you need to know all the basic tips and tricks which are extremely important to the overall process of playing the game. You need to find out different ways in which you can ensure that the game is being played absolutely the right way. First of all, take a look at a whole range of details. The more you understand what is needed it gets easier to ensure that you are learning chess the right way. So find out all your options when it comes to playing chess because it is an extremely enjoyable process.

Make it a point to learn the most important moves involved in the game of chess. This is mainly because you need to know more about how the game of chess is played the right way. Once you find out options and get some great deals the process becomes a lot easier. Take a look at how you can be assure the best process of chess. So make sure that you follow the rules exactly to have a great time as far as playing a game of chess is concerned. This will make it a lot easier for you to ensure that the game is going really well.

You will really enjoy playing chess because this is likely to guarantee you some excellent deals as far as learning chess is concerned. So you can make sure that you have everything that is relevant when it comes to playing a game of chess really well. Take a look at all your options to be guaranteed some excellent moves in chess. There are so many different ways in which you can improve your game of chess. Read up on ways to improve chess along with other such specific details because it is likely to help you in your chess moves.

August 17, 2010


Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 10:52 am

Today, chess has come a long way. You can not only play it with your friends, you can also play it on the computer. Chess software nowadays is very well developed, indeed, times have really changed!
There is human vs. computer chess – in 1996, chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov played s six-game match against IBM Chess Software which was nicknamed Deep Blue. He said that it was one of the most difficult games of his career, and the score was 4-2. However, since then chess software has become very well developed. You can find different kinds of chess softwares and run them on different operating systems like Windows, MAC, Unix, Linux and even the Palm. You have various choices to tweak the categories or functions of the chess software that you choose.
There is also chess training software – the basic aim of which is to improve your visualization and your move calculation skills. Remember that these two are basic skills that you need in order to move from being an amateur to a master. There are different kinds of chess training softwares out there, which also teach strategies for the opening middle game and also the endgame – so you would not only be able to learn to plan strategies but you would also be able to block your opponent’s moves, while simultaneously thinking of your game plan.
Don’t forget peer-to-peer chess software, which allows you to play chess against remote opponents without having to connect to a chess server. All you need to do is just connect to each other over the Internet or over any other kind of network connection – your home Windows LAN would do as well. You would be able to connect directly to a pre-arranged player, or you could even find an available player by using the available message boards.

August 3, 2010

Capturing particular force in an army

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 8:04 pm

Extinction Chess is a chess variant with unusual goal stated particularly for it. Here all the pieces are treated as same. No piece has any special characteristic. It follows the standard rules with the exception in the goal of the player. The goal is not to checkmate the opponent’s king but to capture any one kind of his pieces totally. The following may be the possible winning conditions.

• Capture opponent’s king.
• Capture opponent’s queen.
• Capture both of his knights.
• Capture both of his rooks.
• Capture both of his bishops.
• Capture all his pawns except the promoted one.

On completing one of the tasks the player is said to be won the game. The king has no special advantage here.

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