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July 18, 2010

Why is chess so mentally hard?

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 5:16 pm

Chess as a game has been around for millennia already but many people still find it difficult to grasp and master. While it is a notoriously difficult game to play, its innate source of interesting features has kept this game from disappearing throughout history. Even GM Gary Kasparov admitted that “chess is mental torture”.

Chess is a game requires a special set mental skills. Although mentally gifted individuals can benefit a little from their gifts when trying to master this game, hard work is still as important as talent here. An individual has to spend virtually thousands of hours in training before he can consider himself a good player. The good thing about learning chess is the simultaneous development of other person’s mental capacity such as critical thinking, concentration, problem solving, abstract reasoning, strategic planning, evaluation, pattern recognition, etc. Such skills are difficult to develop under any normal circumstances, but they come handy when training for chess.

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