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June 25, 2008

Chess Sets from Decorative Chess Leaders SAC

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 3:35 pm

Leaders in decorative chess sets - SAC have completely overhauled their web site and their businesss! They now stock more than just their superb theme chess range and stock staunton chess, travel chess and even chess computers. SAC is the brand that is more recognised in the world than any other decorative chess name. For some decades - if any consumer wanted a Battle of Waterloo, or an Isle of Lewis, and many others - the SAC brand has offered the finest - an excellent finish, and excellent standard of quality. They’ve taken their brand to a higher level in offering chess goods that are not just in the theme genre.

The SAC brand is now run by The Traditional Games Company based in Kingston upon Hull in Yorkshire, England. Having gone through and succeeded in the turmoil of manufacture base that every English manufacturing company has wrestled with, Traditional Games have emerged as a lasting and valuable company through the excellence of their product. What better than to extend the brand to a wider set of products?

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