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March 13, 2007

Chess Sales in Cyber Malls

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 5:32 pm


Update: This company (eDirectory) proved to be somewhat useless and were just interested in taking money - no sales resulted.

Good reason to run to a website search engine optimisation company - ranking in the organics is somewhat precarious whilst Google is still in adolescance. Spreading the risk of being pulled from the organic rankings - many eCommerce sites including chess sales sites have tried to spread the net for customers in order to become reliable, robust and here for the long term. With Google and other search engines eager to show appropriate results, their algorithms change and many good sites can unwittingly become casualties, meaning their sales, i.e. ‘chess sales’ suffer. If the newly confident eCom sites have taken on staff who are in turn reliant on income from the new-ish website, a pull from the rankings can be a living death. Hence companies are turning to other streams of attracting themelves to people who want to buy chess sets, other chess hobyist sites, online malls and other mainline directories with good traffic. The whole internet sales ‘thing’ is taking the world by storm, but what is overlooked is a site’s persistant precarious state of organic rankings - and who can make a good living on PPC?

Short of finding yourself in an orange jump suit and the wrong side of a fence with ‘Guantanamo’ on the sign, one of the worst experiences to have is waking up one day to find that your high ranking chess site ‘ain’t high ranking no more’. To save the home and some standard of living for yourself and family, and that of any staff, the wise entrepeneur will have spread the chess sales net so that along with enhanced adwords, the sales can keep coming in.

Until we get a more stable and reliable set of search results. Until we get a less adolescent search engine industry.

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