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August 3, 2006

The Japanese Theme Chess Set

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 12:50 pm

japanese chess set
What an unusual chess design - the Japanese Chess Set! Who would ever buy such a thing - it’s ugly, it’s weird, it’s strange,… it’s an affront!,… it’s… it’s wonderful! It’s so different, so unusual…! I must have one! It’s pawns are all little Buddha’s  - each giving their little pieces of insight and wisdom on the current position of the battle. That’s all very well, as long as they all agree huh? But what a statement! And in a market of many theme chess sets - what an unusual example, a gift with oneupmanship established!

In a genre occupied by historical battles and stereotyped theme chess designs, the Japanese Chess Set is a breath of fresh air. Can’t help but see as much Chinese influence in the chess design as Japanese - but hey! they don’t come to me for advice! They could have called it the Chinese-Japanese theme chess set. They could have had Chinese on one side and Japanese on the other! Maybe a little too touchy? Or not enough? It could have been Iran and Japan.

The green color is very obvious on the dark side (not pictured above - click through to the full product) - what does this signify? Not a clue, but can’t resist the ‘Grasshopper’ reference from the old TV series. Ya gotta like green to like this set - the dark side is dark green. And not so dark! But - I love it - and it’s a great gift for someone who likes green, Japan, China and little Buddha’s all giving their two-penneth worth of wisdom and squabbling during the game!

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