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June 17, 2006

Chess Sales and the Football World Cup

Filed under: Chess Sales — Baron Turner @ 11:22 pm

Retailers the football (soccer) world over are…. enjoying the football, yelling for their side… but also wailing about the retail dry-up it has brought along. Germany must be doing well for retailing - at least the part of Germany where there are hundreds of thousands of football fans to see their teams slug it out for the next round. Chess Sales will come back…. wont they?

The little chess store I run does a theme set that is a replica of the England team winning the 1966 world cup - yep, the Brits have to go back a while for that victory. If they win again - perhaps we should rush to produce the 2006 equivilent. The 1966 World Cup- Chess Set is a great theme chess set - if you’re into decorative chess rather than playing the game properly requiring Staunton chess sets.

Well, I want England to win, but I want strong retail sales back too. The beautiful game has captivated half the world - let’s hope they get their wallets out when returning. Until then - Come on England!

Late June06 Update - ahh.. not too bad after all - sales have held up…. and so has England in the World Cup!

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