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May 2, 2008

Are you Linked In?

Filed under: Chess Miscellaneous — Baron Turner @ 12:53 pm

In Web 2.0 networking - the site Linked-in is a useful SEO resource for outgoing links without the nofollow tag being used and for keeping a tab on resources for your organisation or your personal life. The site allows a typical facebook style accomodation of web resources throughout the web and in real life - we’ve found it useful to our company for keeping track of who’s who. We are also looking at it as a possible CRM application. The site is one of a growing offering by companies who monetise through adsense and which provide excellent resource for small companies competing for exposure to customers. Another is eSnips and Squidoo which offer sites/pages hosted with them on different C-Class IP addresses. The key on this genre of page hosting is to create a page but not to just leave it as if people will magically find it. Even ‘linked in’ has to be ‘linked to’ - otherwise it’s unlikely to be indexed by Google or the other SE’s. The so-called parasite hosting of many black hat SEO practicioners generally fails in leverage because of this factor - all it leaves is orphaned pages by the thousands.

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