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July 1, 2006

Chess Design: The Lotus Chess Set

Filed under: Chess Design — Baron Turner @ 10:39 pm


Available in Ebony or Rosewood, Lotus chess pieces go back in time some way, and continue to attract customers. As a staunton lover, I don’t quite find myself attracted as much as many appear to be, but the lotus chess set style is certainly here to stay. The bishop is the piece to focus on for design and inspiration. Inspiration? Well, that appears to be the root of the thinking. A zen-like desire to find enlightenment is associated with the genre. Peering into the King from the top is supposed to provide a measure of piece and, dare I say it - harmony.

Sceptical? Then believe - OK, just kid yourself. Imagine the peace from the piece oozing into your soul. Now, c’mon, you ain’t putting your heart into it. Study the King chess piece - got it in mind? Now close your eyes, breathe deeply, and just let the imagination take over. There, you’re doing great, don’t you feel better already…?

 Back to reality, the pieces have a harmonious nature that has always been ‘at one’ with the game of chess. Your chess game has to be harmonious, it has to be ‘at one’ with you. This is unity. If you’re a bad chess player, the result will unite you with reality, you suck - that’s kinda as far as I get most times - but there was the one time I beat Kasparov after this kind of zen…

The Lotus Chess Pieces are a great set - see more photo’s and details, every piece has it’s own beauty, and, well, it’s own effect on your soul.

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